Another Anniversary For Our Project in Kenya

Our project is again celebrating another year of success in Kenya. For six years now, we have continued to provide education and computer training to youths from Nairobi Slum - Mukuru. This year in June, 23 students completed computer training and graduated. It is hard to find people committed in helping this kind of course, but as board members of the Project, we are very grateful for every individual who has supported this project in any way. We say thank you and may we together continue to help change the lives of others.


Project Africa For Africa - fifth graduation ceremony 2015

Dear sponsors and friends of Project Africa for Africa,

We are glad to inform you of another milestone in our Project in Kenya. This year we are celebrating the fifth anniversary since we established the project in Kenya. All our programs continue to run successfully thanks to your support and sacrifice.  Operating our project in Kenya has not been of course not been without some challenges but thanks to a great team in Czech Republic and in Kenya we have managed to overcome most of the challenges by ensuring that the support we get from you reaches the needy young people that this project is supporting.

This year on September 12th, we held another successful graduation ceremony for students trained at our Computer Centre. We are happy to let you know that it was one of the most successful year as we saw a total of 36 students graduating. A total of 26 students qualified from basic computer programs and 8 from the advanced computer packages. This represented more than 50% increase in the number of students who qualified for the award of our qualification certificates this year compared to last year.

Those who have graduated from our training centre have continued to secure employments in different sectors in Kenya and are even contributing in giving back to the Community through our Kenyan programs. The project therefore, continues to uplift the lives of many young people who would otherwise remain stuck in poverty and hopelessness. We also note that since we established the computer centre, we have therefore trained a total of 186 youths from the slums of Mukuru in Nairobi. 

In our other programs, we continue to provide food and basic education to 50 boys at our children home - Scream Africa. Our third program on education “distance adoption” has supported 33 students to study in High schools with 12 of them currently continuing in the Universities.

 Such an achievement within five years is indeed a great milestone not only to us who came up with the idea to give back to the community but above all to those whose lives have been changed by every crown and energy that you our friends and sponsors have bestowed to the project. We wholeheartedly say thank you for your trust and support as we continue to impact the lives of others.

Lastly, it is important to mention that our project has been visited by several volunteers from the Czech Republic. With all of them catering for their own transport, stay and volunteer services within the project.  Perhaps we will not mention all of them by names in our report but it is worthwhile to thank them and give special thanks to Miss Monika Hrabovská who participated in this year’s graduation ceremony. 

Thank you all

AFA Team Czech Republic & Kenya.


Fourth graduation ceremony - 2014. Another year of success for project AFA

Dear friends and sponsors of our charity project Afrika africe, it is another great opportunity and pleasure to inform you of some of the latest developments in our project. Africa for Africa as a charity project continues to fulfill its objectives by bringing big changes into the lives of our beneficiaries. 

From its inception, thanks to your continued support we celebrated yet another year of success by seeing another group of students from our computer training in Kenya graduating.  We would like to use this moment to say thanks to all of you for your trust in this project which is changing the lives of many young people in Kenya.

During the last five years, we have continued to propagate this charity project in various places and sectors, this, has enabled us to reach out to many sponsors. Indeed it has never been impossible finding those interested in joining hands with us to make the success of this project a reality. Without such a possibility, the project would not have been successful.

We extend our great appreciation to all you who have in one way or another got involved in promoting or supporting the project in the last years. May our good God reward and bless you for your great sacrifice and support.

Now to the progress of our project, there are currently three programs running in Kenya namely: Computer training program, an orphanage and Education sponsorship program. The Computer center is well established and has benefitted more than 160 youth from Mukuru slum of Nairobi since its establishment in 2010.

This year we had graduation ceremony for 13 students from the Computer training. Currently, the computer centre is busy with over 15 students everyday learning various computer skills. Our supported orphanage – Scream Africa currently has 50 boys. Within Scream Africa alone, we have also helped in expanding the program by establishing a primary and secondary school for orphans and very needy students.

Our education sponsorship program has benefitted 33 students in high school education with twelve of them continuing their studies in various Kenyan Universities.

And finally, it is our request that even you the reader can join us continue helping in this noble project, your little support can bring big change into someones life, you can support a child by paying school fees to enable him or her have a better future. Thanks for visiting this site and taking time to read about us!


Third graduation ceremony of Africa for Africa in Nairobi - 2013. Our project celebrates another year of success

We are glad to inform you of another great progress for our charity project Africa for Africa in Kenya. 10th August 2013 we had a graduation ceremony of 60 youth from our computer program in Nairobi. This brought the total number of youth who have benefitted from our Rockycana IT center program to 122 since the beginning of its establishment in May 2010. It is a great achievement given the fact that these are youth who otherwise would not have any chance of getting employment.

The success rate of these youth getting employment after the computer training has been very high. We are pleased that we have offered them great skills that are necessary in most job market these days and thus achieving our project’s objective of reducing household dependency among the youth and giving opportunity to the disadvantaged in the society. Besides the computer program, our project continues to provide support to other needy students through education support well known as distance adoption, so far we have supported 23 students and currently 6 of them are in Universities.

Our other program is for the monthly upkeep and education support of 60 boys in an orphanage-Scream Africa. Our support has enabled these boys to move from living in the streets to a place where they happily now call home.

Once again we thank you all for your great support, and we wish you a lot of God’s blessings in everything you do. Kindly contact us should you need any information about our project or if you want to join hands with others who are already supporting us with their monthly support. Even your little support can bring big change to the world that we live in.


Project presentation at HITS, 13. 5. 2013



AFA success story continues

We are glad to inform that for the year 2012, eight students successfully finished high school eduaction with seven of them qualified to join Universities. One student who was partly supported by AFA finished University education with bachelor in Economics and Statistics from the University of Nairobi. Congratulation to all of them and thanks to all our sponsors!


Project Africa For Africa Celebrated Second Graduation Ceremony For Students From IT Program - 2012

It is with joy and happiness that we wish to inform all friends and donors of project AFA, that the second graduation ceremony for students undertaking courses in Computer training took place in Nairobi in June 2012.

The graduation of 20 students gave way to a new hope for the youths who have been living in the slums with limited opportunity to acquire employment. "We are glad that now we have the computer knowledge, which is very important these days for most jobs available," said one student who just graduated.

The AFA board wishes to thank all of you who keep supporting the project and assures that your support is changing lives and giving great hope to those who are disadvantaged in the society.


AFA Sponsored Students Emerged as Among the Best in Kenyan Secondary Exams of the year 2011

Two of the students supported by project Africa for Africa emerged as the top students in Kenyan High School National exams for 2011. The students Daniel Ngui and Sylvester Ndori were ranked the best students in their schools. They have qualified for government scholarship in Kenya that will now enable them to take courses at Kenya's most prestigious Universities. Other three students who also graduated from High school also passed their exams. Congratulation to all of them!


AFA Project Visited by Volunteers From Czech Republic

During the month of October 2011, the project was visited by two volunteers Irene and Silvia from Czech Republic. It was a great experience for them to see the scope of situation behind AFA’s establishment. The volunteers had a chance to visit not only the project but also some of the families whose Children are being supported through AFA. We are indebted and very grateful to all our sponsors and those who are interested in helping us achieve the project's goals.